Multi-Unit Residential



Apartment and condominium projects have unique requirements that demand compact, quiet, and energy-efficient HVAC systems. Norman S. Wright supports any project size and architectural design with leading-edge products: water-source heat pumps, fan coil units, hybrid heat pump systems, variable refrigerant flow split systems, fin-tube radiant heating systems, and decorative grilles and registers.





  • San Francisco, California
  • High-rise residential development
  • Luxury residences
  • 658 penthouse units (3,365 square feet per unit)



For this signature building project, Norman S. Wright worked with the design and construction teams to support the architect’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows to create optimal panoramic views. This design requirement also meant high-energy costs. Controlling air temperature while supporting Infinity’s translucent look demanded expert equipment and systems knowledge.


The HVAC products had to provide a heating and cooling system that did not intrude upon the space acoustically or physically and complied with the state’s stringent energy codes. To keep the maximum amount of glass in accordance with the architectural plan, the energy consultant pushed for a high-efficiency design while the developer sought to keep the HVAC equipment selections within budget. In addition to the glass issue, the HVAC sound and size solutions were critical in order to maintain optimal tenant comfort. Norman S. Wright provided a system that helped to satisfy the multiple and often conflicting design, construction, and developer criteria.


Focusing on a high-efficiency solution, the Norman S. Wright team looked beyond a traditional water-source heat pump system. The sales engineers presented options to the consulting engineers and architects, who decided to purchase the hybrid water-source heat pump system—hydronic heat and compressorized cooling.

Heating with hot water rather than operating the compressor yields substantial energy savings over a traditional heat pump system. The hybrid water-source heat pump unit is also more energy efficient than the typical four-pipe fan coil system and produces very low sound levels. Close collaboration with the acoustical and energy consultants, architect, and consulting engineer resulted in a unique hybrid system able to maximize city views, cost savings, and interior comfort.


  • Hybrid water-source heat pump system