Sound & Vibration- Sensitive Facilities 


Live performance venues, audio and video production facilities, and sound-sensitive buildings demand expert attention to acoustical quality. Norman S. Wright works closely with acoustical consultants to ensure the final system creates the ideal environment for occupants. High performance products include vibration-dampening components, sound attenuation, low velocity under-floor air distribution systems, acoustic louvers plus air handling units with specialized acoustic and vibration treatments.





  • Los Angeles, California
  • World-class 911 Call Center
  • 80,000 square feet



Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this new facility will serve as a model for all other emergency call centers in the nation. Norman S. Wright participated in the earliest planning stages to ensure that the air conditioning system remains operational in the event of a citywide infrastructure failure.


The HVAC equipment had to withstand catastrophic natural and human-made disasters while operating efficiently at very low noise levels. The mechanical system had to create and maintain a comfortable, quiet environment for the 911 operators working with crisis situations. The operator “bullpen” space above the main floor had to allow supervisors to overhear several operators at once.


The Norman S. Wright/Airelink sales engineers assisted the engineering team with the layout of the entire air conditioning system, paying close attention to air volume control, comfort, and sound levels. This effort included multiple trips to facilities around the country that employed similar systems.

The heavy duty rooftop air conditioning units were designed with specialized vibration isolation including seismic restraints to isolate mechanical noise and vibration from the occupied space. Given the building’s open cubical layout and high ceilings, the design and construction teams decided to use an under-floor air distribution system that moved low velocity, quiet-tempered air into the space.

The 911 Call Center was engineered using oversized double-lined duct with silencers and an under-floor plenum system sized to provide sound levels so low that supervisors can hear every conversation. Norman S. Wright will continue to serve as a close project team member until the Center’s completion.


  • Achieved world-class standards for minimal noise, optimal comfort, and stable temperatures in every work area


  • Custom air handling units
  • Sound attenuation devices
  • Exhaust and ventilation fans
  • Complete under-floor system with controls