Sustainable Design

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“Occupants’ comfort, energy-efficiency and an affordable system — we wanted all three and were able to get them . . . Getting a LEED platinum rating is icing on the cake.”

Senior Program Manager

Norman S. Wright recognizes the importance of energy-efficient HVAC systems. Our product lines support sustainable building design, helping customers to minimize power consumption and environmental harm: HFC refrigerants, evaporative cooling, displacement ventilation, and under-floor air distribution.





  • Oakland, California
  • 14,000 square feet (two-story building)
  • LEED platinum certification



A public agency, oversees the sustainable practices and disposal activity of 14 incorporated cities and approximately 1.5 million residents. This sustainable retrofit project centered on a renovation plan that sought LEED’s highest new rating—platinum certification.


Despite the small project budget, made the decision to elevate its original goal of silver to the new platinum level, which meant earning all possible energy credits and undergoing LEED’s enhanced commissioning requirements.


Norman S. Wright worked with the mechanical engineer to ensure every piece of equipment operated effectively in this highly specialized design framework. Sales engineers provided the data to inform the final procurement decisions that were tested to the extreme in the special commissioning process.

Norman S. Wright provided: 1) the thermally-powered VAV ceiling diffusers complete with separate set points for VAV heating and cooling; 2) thermally-powered VAV ceiling diffuser with plaster mounting frame; and 3) low-energy VAV terminal-green VAV diffuser.

With three office master zones, sales engineers also selected a high-efficiency packaged Direct Expansion (DX) and gas heat rooftop Air Handling Unit (AHU) with a variable-speed fan. Plus, every diffuser included self-contained controls that integrated with the Building Management System (BMS), which provided easy maintenance and operational performance advantages.


  • Achieved all 10 LEED credit points for optimizing energy performance
  • Received LEED platinum certification
  • Exceeds Title 24 energy efficiency by 47%


  • Thermally-powered Variable Air Volume (VAV) ceiling diffusers, 24"x 24" module. Complete with separate set point for VAV heating and VAV Cooling
  • Thermally-powered VAV ceiling diffuser, 12"x 12" module. Complete with plaster mounting frame
  • Low-energy VAV terminal-green VAV diffuser