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“Our first four Modular Central Plants were dropped, bolted and wired—fully assembled—in a week. You have to get it right the first time. And we did with the help of Norman S. Wright.”

Director of Facilities

Temperature control and air quality are vital in critical environment facilities. Norman S. Wright understands the importance of reliable operations and provides HVAC equipment that best supports the expansion, redundancy, durability, and maintenance requirements. System and component products maximize life-cycle performance—precision air conditioning, humidification, specialized air filtration, remote monitoring system, and water leak detection.





  • Sacramento, California
  • 92,000 square feet
  • Mission Critical Tier 5 Facility
  • Phase I: 2,000 tons—four modules at 500 tons each
  • Phase II: 1,000 tons—two modules at 500 tons each



Herakles Data offers primary and disaster recovery IT infrastructure for large and small companies. Herakles hired Norman S. Wright to upgrade their system. The timeline was six months. No downtime was possible during the construction and start-up phases.


Located in California’s central valley, the Center regularly experienced 105°F ambient temperature. Four air-cooled chillers on the roof no longer met the facility’s cooling load. Adding a fifth chiller was prohibited by Title 24. As the equipment supplier of choice, Norman S. Wright met with the owner; then coordinated with all trade parties to help solve the heat load issue caused by the new servers—more powerful, more compact, and hotter than ever.


Norman S. Wright and the chiller manufacturer supplied and supervised the installation of the first modular central plants. The air-cooled chillers were removed and replaced with a pre-engineered, pre-assembled centrifugal chiller system that was more efficient, and, as a water-cooled system, was less affected by ambient dry bulb temperature. The complete system of chillers—pumps, cooling tower, interconnected piping, control panel and associated water treatment—met all performance and capacity needs including future build-out goals.


  • 22% energy reduction compared to original system
  • One-week installation with zero downtime
  • N+1 redundancy
  • Significant reduction of trade coordination
  • Significant reduction of first, soft, and control costs


Modular Central Chiller Plants (3,000 ton)